We are delighted that you have considered volunteering with us on this exciting new initiative to send out food from the UK to some of the neediest places across the world, including countries in Africa, Asia, South-east Asia and the Middle East.

We are excited both by the blessing this will bring to many families, churches, schools, wherever the need might be, and by partnering with you to make this possible. Volunteering is a wonderful way for us to give back, and share with others who are unable to get help on their own.

There are many different ways you can volunteer with us at Food.Gives, and we want to share a few ideas with you here.

You could volunteer by:

Packing at our warehouse in Swindon

This involves a variety of jobs ensuring the food we receive is unpacked and stored, ready to be assembled and loaded onto the shipping container. Anyone will be able to do this, whether as an individual, in families or in groups.

Driving to pick up food boxes

Imagine a continual, moving network of food boxes being packed, collected, and driven all around the country from church hubs, storage locations, and dropped off at their final destination; the Food.Gives warehouse. This is where you can help us keep that network flowing!

Become a church representative

You might want to become a church representative, perhaps coordinating the filling and collection of boxes, or maybe allowing your church to act as a storage hub collecting food over a period of time. The more ways we can collect food, the better!

In order to volunteer, it would be very helpful if you could please complete a volunteer application by filling out the forms on our website, or calling our UK office number. Our hope and desire, is to welcome as much help as is possible, so if you can think of any other ways to help, just let us know on your volunteer application, and we will gladly hear your ideas and suggestions.

Let’s get packing!

Volunteer now